We are now registering new singers for Winter/Spring Semester 2018, which began the week of January 8th. New singers are accepted through February. Returning singers do not have to re-register, and only have to re-audition if trying out for a higher-level choir.  To schedule a placement audition, or for more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (847) 733-0814. Please note: Choirs in the ECC's Core Program are all treble choirs (Family Choir is for all ages and mixed voice types). As such, we regret that we cannot accommodate boys with changed voices. We generally accept young singers starting in 2nd grade in our Core Program, yet we may admit 1st-graders who display a relatively high degree of emotional maturity and an overall readiness to participate in our program. 

The Audition:

The first step to joining the Evanston Children’s Choir is to contact us to set up a placement audition.  No experience is necessary to join any of our choirs.  The audition is to see which of our 3 choir levels—Junior Choir, Intermezzo, or Concert Choir—is most suitable for your singer. Placement in a particular choir depends upon a singer’s natural musical abilities at the time of the audition, as well as the type of choral experience that singer is looking for.  Our choirs are not divided by age or grade, although they do tend to fall somewhat along age lines.  Please see Our Choirs for more detailed information on each group.  Also note that Family Choir participants do not have to formally audition.
Audition appointments are scheduled individually.  The most common time we conduct auditions is immediately following a rehearsal.  We find it is often a good way to “break the ice” for a potential new singer to visit and observe a rehearsal, and then audition immediately afterwards.  However, the audition can take place literally anywhere and any time that you and the director agree upon.  You may set up the audition by using our online form or by directly contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (847) 733-0814.  One of our Associate Directors, Assistant Directors or Interns may conduct the audition as well. 

A note about our youngest singers and the audition process: Even if you have a young singer whom you are sure you would like to start in the Junior Choir, we still require that singer to go through the audition process.  The audition is often our only chance to hear any given child individually which, in turn, helps us determine that singer’s seating within the group and also gives us an idea as to that singer’s potential for future promotion to a higher level choir.  We also feel that if a child refuses to go through the audition for whatever reason, she/he may not be emotionally ready to be part of a performing choir.

There is no need to prepare anything in advance for the audition.  Singers will be walked through it every step of the way in a friendly, supportive manner.  The audition consists of singing basic vocal patterns, familiar melodies such as “Happy Birthday,” and some harmonizing.  Immediately after the audition, we will discuss with you which of our choirs your singer would join, and then we can register you on the spot.

Singers are only required to audition once, unless they wish to try for promotion to a higher-level Choir.


*Note: Returning families will be able to re-register conveniently online through individualized secure links, which will be emailed directly to you.  If you prefer, you may also re-register via our standard paper form.  New families start by booking an audition with us, at which time we will complete your initial registration.

New Singers:  You may register your singer right at the audition.  If you wish, you may download the New Singer Registration Form here and fill it out in advance.  If not, we will provide you with one at the audition.  The audition also gives us a chance to give you a brief orientation on the ECC and answer any initial questions you might have.  When you register we will provide you with our Guidelines and Information for the 2017-2018 Season, which contains all the basic information on how we operate, as well as what you can expect as part of the ECC.  You may make a payment at the time of registration or you may delay payment until later, but we do ask that you at least tell us what your payment plan will be on our “Your Contribution” Form (included as part of the Registration Form).  It is our policy to never turn anyone away for lack of ability to pay, so we will provide you with as much financial assistance as you may need.  Even if paying in full, you may break your payments up into installments as you wish.
Continuing Singers:  Families are only required to register once per year.  Families continuing from one season to the next need only fill out any information that has changed (e.g. the singer's school grade, any additional siblings) and update their contact info.  You can register online via the secure link which will be sent directly to you, or use the Renewing Registration Form.  Singers continuing from Fall Semester to Winter/Spring Semester within one season do not have to formally re-register.

Family Choir Members:  Family Choir members are required to register every semester.  Family Choir has its own special registration form, available here.